26-28 Penland Road
Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex

01424 223839

The Leading Care Home In Sussex

Have you been looking through the collection of brochures received for care homes in Sussex? Knowing which care homes you can trust is one of the most difficult parts to homing a loved one or friend into a care home. Whether you’ve heard about us or not, we are known as the leading care home in Sussex. You will want to explore our care home and experienced the friendly atmosphere within the Aaron Manor community before making a decision.

Our care here at Aaron Manor differs to many other care homes. We not only take care of our clients, but we take great pride in forming an authentic and positive friendship with each of our clients. Our personal care is what makes us different to other care homes. We’re a transparent care home that offers the highest level of care, as well as a community.

Our carers interact with each client, therefore making the caring process less forced. Without a patient and carer gap, it allows each client to feel at home and a part of a community, even a neighbourhood!

Find out more today by browsing through the rest of our website, or booking in a visit to see our Aaron Manor care home in Bexhill-on-Sea.

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